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BUFOG Reported Sightings & Investigations

To view all case reports for a particular time period choose it from the list on the right. You can view reports for a whole year or a single month. The number in brackets indicates the number of reports that exist. Once you've selected a time period the report headings will be displayed on the screen, click on one of them to open it fully.

To search for a particular word or words across all case reports, enter it into the search box and click the Search button. A number of tabs will be displayed showing the search results. All reports that contain the word will be shown. Click on a report header to open it. The search function is very useful to view all reports for a particular location, or all reports for a particular type of UFO (Note that the word must match exactly and wildcards such as * cannot be used)

The contact case reports are stored in a separate location, to see these select Contactee Cases from the top menu bar of the site.

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