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19/01/2012 - Wolverhampton - Flying Triangle Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Report
Author: Dave Hodrien
Release Date: 12/02/2012

Note: Names in the report changed for privacy reasons

Sighting Details

Early evening on the 19th January 2012, James stepped out of his house in Wolverhampton. It was 5.20pm and due to the time of year was already dark. The weather was relatively clear, with a mild breeze blowing. He looked up into the sky and noticed a glowing white light, which he initially thought was the moon, although he noted that it looked strange.

He walked out to a local shop on Staveley Road. There were other people around but nobody else seemed to have noticed the white light and were just going about their business.

Aerial map of Staveley Road:

As he got close to the shop, James once again looked up into the sky. He was amazed to see that the white light had not been the moon after all. About 200 feet in the air was what appeared to be a black triangular shaped object with bright white lights around its edge. Due to the brightness of the lights he couldn’t tell how many there were. The object was larger than a house in size, and about 20 foot in depth, similar in shape to a quarter cut sandwich. It was completely motionless and silent.

Witness drawing of the UFO:

James observed the object for about 3 minutes. Sadly he didn’t have his mobile phone on him so had no way of filming it. After this time he decided to go into the shop to get a 2nd witness. He went up to the counter and told the shop keeper that there was a UFO outside and that he should come and take a look at it. This took no longer than 10 seconds but when both men returned outside the object had vanished. The shopkeeper was disappointed and said that he always wanted to see a UFO.

He looked up into the sky at a glowing light which he initially thought was the moon. However he soon realised that it was a black triangular shaped object with a white light at each corner hovering completely still in the sky. He viewed it for a short while before deciding to go inside a nearby shop to get a 2nd witness. This took no longer than 10 seconds but when he returned outside the object had vanished.

Sighting Analysis

According to James, there was a new stand being built in the area but he is aware of what the construction work looks like and is certain that it was not lights from this. If it had been this, then it would be logical to assume that the lights would have still been present when he went back outside. So it was clear that it was an independent object which had then left the area.

The description of the object certainly fits in with this being a sighting of a Flying Triangle craft, one of the more widely reported UFO types. These craft tend to have lights at each corner and sometimes a central one underneath. Perhaps this was the case but due to the brightness of the lights the witness could not say for sure.

The fact that the object vanished within 10 seconds means that it must have left the area quite rapidly, or perhaps even made itself invisible, as has been reported in numerous other cases. Either of these put the possibility of the object being a large drifting inflatable out of the question. Also the witness watched the object for a short while and it was motionless, so it could not have been a conventional aircraft.

There were other people around so there may well be other witnesses to this incident. If you were out in Wolverhampton that evening and also feel you may have seen the same object, please get in touch.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2012

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