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04/01/2008 - Dudley - Orange UFOs Sighting

Hi I am one of the people that have seen UFOs, or should I call them that?

In the paper they have got it wrong, we saw three objects quite a distance apart and they were orange in colour, they looked as if the under carriage was on fire, that's what it looked like.

No noise at all, hope this will help.

Regards Hilary

Further information:

They were three different objects it was a cloudy night and they were below the clouds no other aircraft in sight not flashing on and off just an orange glow untill out of sight Never seen anything before.

It was the dog barking outside, I had just let him out he was barking to go out when I went to see why he was looking up and barking till they went out of sight. It seamed about 10 mins because I was able to alert my family and they wached as well. Took a photo but all we could get was the street lighting and the trees.

Regards Hilary

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