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24/12/2007 - Oldbury - Orange Square UFO Sighting 2

We have had a report come in from a member of the public whilst at their mother's house on Christmas day in the next street to Clent road and Wheatley Drive. Their mother was worried about their youngest child who is 24 years old and still lives at home. She was concerned as for months he seems very disturbed and will not go to sleep; "he just keeps sitting in the living room and has even put his TV from his bedroom in here. He is also obsessively cleaning himself especially his hands, he cleans them so much they are red raw."

The mother also said that on Christmas Eve night there was a brilliant light which came through the window and lit up the whole flat. She said looking at the light it was a silver and white light, I never saw a light like this before. Then all of a sudden the light went out.

We are still investigating this case as there seems to be some significance and possible relationship with the orange lights seen over this area on the previous and same day to this report. We asked if the person had seen any lights in the sky or on any other day prior to this which they informed us they hadn’t. At the moment the young man is not yet willing to discuss the subject. We will post all updates and news regarding this case here.

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