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1997 - Phoenix - Flying Triangle Sighting

Birmingham UFO Group Report
Author: Dave Hodrien
Release Date: 20/09/2008

The city of Phoenix, Arizona is no stranger to extraterrestrial activity. It is of course the centre point for the infamous “Phoenix Lights” incident of 1997, in which a large triangular shaped craft flew across several states and hovered over the city for a short while. However this report is not about this incident, instead it focuses on another impressive close encounter with a flying triangle that occurred in 2003. One of the two witnesses contacted BUFOG with this information, and I am pleased to be able to share it with you now.

Sighting Details

The witnesses, Annette and Jack, were spending the night in a luxury hotel suite. This was situated 120 feet up on the 11th floor. It was around 1am and the pair were out on the balcony talking. It was a clear and still night, and the stars were shining in the sky. Annette looked up at the stars and was astounded to see a huge black triangular shaped craft. It had amber coloured lights on its underside. Jack estimates that the craft was 300 foot long by 200 foot wide, and was around 200 feet above them. The craft was completely silent and they assumed it must have travelled to where it now was situated without making a sound. As they stared at the craft, Jack felt as if he was paralyzed and was not aware of how long they were watching it for. He snapped out of this state when Annette asked him what the object was, as he had a military background. However Jack had never seen anything like it before. After watching it a while, it very slowly moved off in a northern direction. It remained silent throughout the incident. As it moved away Jack remembers feeling a breeze from it, and seeing blue light coming out of several large holes in the back of the craft.

The pair headed back inside, and according to Annette several minutes later a helicopter flew close to the hotel shining its lights in various windows including their own. Later that night Jack was awoken by lights coming through the curtains of the room. He stepped out onto the balcony but could see nothing that would have caused these lights.

Since the sighting, Annette now often looks to the sky in case she sees the craft again, and also carries a camera with her. 

Sighting Analysis

From the E-Mails received from the witnesses they both seem very believable. Despite Jacks military background he was not able to identify the object, meaning that it is unlikely it was a stealth bomber or other military aircraft. The fact it was hovering still and without making any noise is another factor that would disprove this theory. The helicopter that appeared shortly after their sighting seems to suggest that someone else knew the craft was in the vicinity. There have of course been many other reported sightings of large black Flying Triangles all around the world. It seems probable to me that this is a genuine sighting of one of these FT’s and that the craft was of extraterrestrial origin. Why it was flying above Phoenix on that night in 2003 will, for now at least, remain unknown.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2008

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